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Keynote Session

  • Akihiko AZETSU
    Akihiko AZETSU President of Japan Institute of Marine Engineering (JIME), Japan Go Ahead for Future of Marine, JIME’s 10- year vision
  • Bjarne Foldager Jensen
    Bjarne Foldager Jensen Senior Vice President of MAN Energy Solutions, Denmark Future ship propulsion – the road to low carbon shipping

Special Invited Session

  • Jongdoc Park
    Jongdoc Park Professor of Oshima College, Japan English Proficiency Skill Using Global Educational Program for Maritime Colleges in Japan
  • Takashi Miwa
    Takashi Miwa Professor of Kobe University, Japan Opportunities to use of Engine Plant Simulator in educational situation
  • Thomas Nam
    Thomas Nam Lead Specialist of Lloyd’s Register, UK Development of electric maritime procurement system for ship’s equipment and spare parts
  • Tomohisa Dan
    Tomohisa Dan Professor of Kobe University, Japan Bio Fuel Combustion toward GHG Reduction
  • Trika Pitana
    Trika Pitana Professor of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia Estimation of Energy Efficiency Operation Indicator (EEOI) of Ships Using Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Tomoji Takamasa
    Tomoji Takamasa President of National Institute of Technology Toyama College, Japan Development of Battery System for Eco Ship
  • Dong-Hoon Yoo
    Dong-Hoon Yoo ClassNK, Japan Outlines of Guidance for onboard use of Compliant Fuel Oil with SOx regulation from 2020
  • Kenny K.W. Park
    Kenny K.W. Park Technical & Marketing Manager of LUKOIL Marine Lubricants, Germany Service Experience on iCOlube®: Intelligent Cylinder Oil Lubrication System and Its Key Role in 2020 and Beyond
  • Tran Hong Ha
    Tran Hong Ha Professor of Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam Combine Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Scrubber and Emulsion Fuel Oil to control NOx and SO2 in Exhaust Gas of Marine Diesel Engine
  • Manh-Vu Tran
    Manh-Vu Tran Professor of Monash University, Malaysia Influence of hydrogen on combustion characteristics of various fuels
  • Koju Hiraki
    Koju Hiraki Professor of Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Experiment on Pitch Effect of Darrieus Tidal Turbine for Twin Layout